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We are open, we love freedom. Free Hosting for Open Projects.

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Web / File / VCS or other hosting needs for your user or developer.
Maybe you'll have some new artworks or songs like to share with the world?

Any size that might take.
No server-side scripting allowed.
Support VirtualHost for your domain.
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Package pool, file download, public backup or other mirroring needs.
Maybe you'll need a region file download server to share the bandwidth for Eastern Asia countries?

Any size but no garbage.
No illegal content allowed.
Support HTTP, FTP, Rsync.
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VPS / Container

Running custom made program, CPU/Memory intensive tasks or need a isolated VPS.
Maybe you'll need a autobuild server for your new Ubuntu-based Linux distro for poor country?

Size can be discussed.
Linux only. (Ubuntu LTS prefered)
Support both IPv4 and IPv6.
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Eco Friendly

100Gbps Internet Backbone with IPv6


24/7 Monitoring

High Performance Server

High Quality Storage

Magnificent spectacle beautiful mountain scenery.

665m above and 50km far from the sea, don't worry about any Tsunami

Project Highlights

Irvin Chen, Liaison of Mozilla Taiwan Community

OSSPlanet provides quality VPS and Hosting services, empowering OSS projects such as MozTW Community to better serve our thousands of daily users, minimized the hassle of budget and stability problems.

Peter Chen, L10n Coordinator of Mozilla Taiwan Community

OSSPlanet's stable, high-performance VPS hosting service empowers Mozilla Taiwan Community (MozTW) to promote the Mission of openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web.

Jeff Bai, Project Manager of AOSC

OSSPlanet 长期为 AOSC 提供稳定的计算用虚拟服务器,具有快速的故障响应和处理能力。从此,OSSPlanet 为我们这些学生开发者提供了必要的后台资源,保障 AOSC 发行版项目的开发进程。

Xiaoxing Ye, SysAdmin of AOSC

AOSC 正在使用 OSSPlanet 所提供的 VPS 服務,包括了編譯及鏡像服務器,讓我們這樣資金緊缺的開源組織不再需要擔心經費問題。同時 OSSPlanet 的服務穩定,使得專案的各類服務不需要憂心 down 機。

Pellaeon Lin, SITCON 議程組組長

Roboconf 是 SITCON 學生計算機年會專門開發來用於活動籌辦的系統,由 RSChiang 發起,包含工作人員管理、個人資料收集、議題追蹤、Markdown 文件等功能,並在分開的 branch 維護投稿系統,包含講者資料收集、投稿等功能。OSSPlanet 是穩定、快速的 VPS 服務,讓專案維護者再也不用擔心 hosting 問題!

cxbii, Marketing of deepin

深度作業系統 是一個致力於為全球用戶提供美觀易用,安全可靠的 Linux 發行版。我們遵循 “自由、開放、分享、協作” 的 社區理念 ,希望與各位合力打造一個更為美好的開源世界。

Peter Dave Hello, main maintainer of CDNJS

OSSPlanet provides great VPS service with awesome Internet connection quality and professional technical help, open source projects like CDNJS can choose and trust OSSPlanet as their hosting and development platform.

Michal S., Project Lead of Crystal Linux

OSSPlanet provides us with fast and effortless package mirroring that gives our users high-speed downloads across the globe. Thank you OSSPlanet!

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  • [OSSPlanet] MozTW Application for Web Hosting Plan
    Application from Mozilla Taiwan Community, for Web Hosting requirements.
  • [OSSPlanet] AnthonOS Application for VPS Plan
    Application from Anthon OS project, for it's main package building server.
  • [OSSPlanet] Deepin Application for Mirror Plan
    Application from Deepin Linux project, for country mirror requirements.

About Us

Just Go Open, I've Got Your Back.

OSSPlanet is an OpenSource-friendly Nonprofit Non-governmental project,
provides high quality Free Mirror / Hosting / VPS / Container services for Open Projects.
With Unlimited Outbound traffic.

We are open, we love freedom. Sponsoring a lot of projects/organizations, and willing to support yours too!

Powered by Ubuntu-TW, NCNU, and BlueT. #JustGoOpen


Ubuntu Taiwan LoCo Team

Ubuntu 臺灣在地推廣組

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Computer and Network Center of National ChiNan Univertity
國立暨南國際大學 計算機與網路中心

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BlueT - Matthew Lien


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